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Submitted by plgspadmin on 29 July 2022

Two days GESI Mainstreaming training has been conducted on 24 – 25 January, 2021 at Hotel Asiatique, Biratnagar in participation of 32 participants (elected representatives and government officials) from Biratnagar Mahanagarpalika. The disaggregated data of the participant shows 17 women and 15 men. Among them 15 are from Brahmin/Chhetri, 8 from Dalit, 7 from Janajati and 2 from Madhesi community.

The training covered various sessions on Gender equality and social inclusion: GESI related conceptual clarity, national and international laws related to GESI, Gender Responsive Budgeting, local level planning and GESI mainstreaming. Participants discussed and came up with the issues and problems they have been facing while ensuring GESI mainstreaming at local level. Following that local representatives and staffs of Biratnagar Metropolitan prepared a GESI mainstreaming Action plan with the objective and commitment to address those issues and problems related to GESI mainstreaming. GESI mainstreaming action plan of Biratnagar Metropolitan focused mainly on policy, structure, capacity development, human resource, planning, program and service delivery.