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Pokhara, Gandaki Province

Half Yearly Progress Review and Team Building workshop of PLGSP was held from 27-29 Dec, 2022 at Pokhara organized by MoFAGA/PLGSP/PCU and hosted by OCMCM/PLGSP Gandaki Province.

The  programme was inaugurated by the Principal Secretary of Gandaki Province Government Mr. Rabi Lal Panth and in the Chair of Province Programme Director Ms. Manamaya Bhattarai Pangeni. The total number of participants was 150 (19% female) that included Provincial Programme Director, Provincial Programme Manager, Executive Director, concerned government officials and Technical Support Expert and Officials of all provinces participated in the event. The positive remarks and experience sharing of the Principal Secretary towards programme implementation provided positive vibe among the project team. 

The program was facilitated by Mr. Krishna Hari Baskota (former Chief Commissioner of National Information Commission) and his team by adopting different adult learning techniques. For enhancing participation, the facilitators applied various games, discussions and simulation exercises. The Secretaries/OCMCM of seven provinces and the National Programme Manager of PLGSP shared progress, issues/challenge, monitoring and quality assurance initiatives and the future strategies and directions of the programme. Provincial ownership and commitment for the effective implementation of the programme was very well reflected throughout the presentations, interactions, discussions and team works/exercises on the physical progress, financial delivery and the issues of the programme. The issues/queries raised were mainly around IPF implementation, mechanism on quality assurance and, LISA/FRA. National Programe Manager responded and clarified the queries of the participants. The participants of the workshop also cross learned from each other’s experiences and learnings.

Towards the end of the program, an action plan was prepared by all provinces to amplify the collaboration and coordination among units and team members for achieving results for the remaining period of the fiscal year. Respective provincial secretaries and UNDP representatives provided remarkable suggestions and feedback for better execution of the program. In conclusion, the workshop was successfully able to bring together all staff and re-focus efforts on the understanding and delivery of the programme, along with discussions on promoting a healthy working environment, team motivation, communication, and enhancing knowledge sharing within the programme with a focus on inclusive governance.   

Event Location
National Program Manager of PLGSP speaking on a program infront of presentation slide.