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Submitted by plgspadmin on 17 July 2022

Training summary report of capacity development training to Driver of Provincial Governments

Date: 21-23 January, 2022

Training Venue: Biratnagar

Back Ground:

The province training center (PCGG) Jhapa, organized the three days of capacity development training for drivers of Province ministries and provincial commission of province-1. The training was need-based which was conducted under output 13. The capacity development of LGs and PGs elected representatives and officials is the core objective of the Province Training Center. The PCGG/PTC planned to organize this training as per the demand of the staff working in province ministries and the civil service commission.  

Such types of training were rarely organized. PCGG/PTC organized this training for the demand of drivers and it found it impressive. The training was conducted and the session was facilitated by professionals.   

The training content was prepared by a curriculum development expert with coordination to CD expert. The training content was approved by PTC and the training was planned. The duration of the training was 3 days and it was planned nonresidential. The training was organized in hotel Asia Tique, Biratnagar. For this training, we managed professional facilitators. The PCGG has contracted traffic police, Red Cross Society, and Mechanical Engineer as resource person and they facilitated the quality service in a practical manner. The participants were thankful to PCGG for this wonderful training because this was their first capacity development training. The training management and facilitation support provided by Ms. Bidhya Gautam Curriculum Development Expert and the PTC team.

The closing ceremony event was organized. Mr. Kshitish Bhattarai (PPM of PLGSP P-1) chaired the closing ceremony. Ms. Anita Guragai also participated in the closing ceremony and address the participants for training output. Two participants shared their views, remark a vote for thanks to PCGG/PTC for organized such an event. Mr. Chairperson closed the closing ceremony by giving his valuable remarks and suggestion.

Objectives of the training:

To Provide capacity development training to drivers of province ministries to enhance the knowledge and skills regarding the traffic rules and safety measures.

  • Provide knowledge of basic rules and regulations in driving.
  • Responsibility of the drivers.
  • Technical knowledge on high take equipment-related vehicles.
  • Capacitate the practical knowledge on first aid and vehicle maintenance during emergencies.


Output delivered:

The capacity development training was conducted on driver of province ministries was fruitful. A total of 24 participants received the training. This training is meaningful to participants because they are first time received such training in their service time. Participants thanks to PLGSP/PCGG and ministries for giving the opportunity to participate in this training.   


Details of training participants:

The three days nonresidential was organized in Biratnagar. A total of 24 drivers from province ministries were participants in the training.

Disaggregate data of participants:
























Training venue:

Hotel Asia Tique, Biratnagar

Remarks and suggestions:

During the closing ceremony, Mr. Kshitish Bhattarai said that the training objectives were very good. He also said that it's a very sensitive time for us due to the covid 19 pandemic, though the participation was remarkable. He focused that such types of training were 1st time organized. if the participants implement the knowledge on this training in their field, it is fruitful to uplift their personal career. which they gained from the training.

PCGG/PLGSP province-1, team leader Ms. Anita Guragain gave valuable remarks and suggestions to participants regarding the training. She said that the training is organized as a refreshment not only for the teaching and learning process. She said a quote that when the men hunger, they search the food. As if you need the importance on it, this training definitely supports to uplift your knowledge as required.

The participant of the training Mr. Bhim Prasad Banstola expressed his appreciation to the PCGG/PTC for organizing the training. The training was fruitful for us because the training content was very useful and it supports us for quality driving and service delivery in future more. We all participants thanks PCGG/PTC for giving us the opportunity to participate in this training and we feel proud of this training.

 The closing ceremony was organized, the program was anchored by Curriculum Development Expert Mrs. Bidhya Gautam. After the chairperson's remarks and suggestions, the programme was closed.