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Provincial Coordination Committee (PCC) meeting concluded in Madhesh Province News, PPIU- Madhesh Province 2022-11-29
प्रस्ताव पेश गर्ने बारे सूचना Notice, Programme Coordination Unit 2022-10-15
संघीय शासन प्रणाली सबलीकरण विषयक छलफल तथा अन्तरक्रिया कार्यक्रम Event, Programme Coordination Unit 2022-07-24
सूचना प्रविधी अधिकृतहरूको आ.व. २०७९/८० को करार नवीकरण सम्बन्धमा Notice, Programme Coordination Unit 2022-10-12
सूचना प्रविधि अधिकृतको करार र पारिश्रमिक सम्बन्धमा Notice, Programme Coordination Unit 2022-10-12
Orientation program for newly elected representatives on local government operation and local development at Sudurpaschim Province Event, PCGG- Sudurpaschim Province 2022-06-14
Two day orientation program on Operation of Local Level to the newly elected representative of province 1. Event, PPIU- Province 1 2022-06-10
MoU signing ceremony between OCMCM Bagamati and 8 LGs that were awarded IPF project Event, PPIU- Bagamati Province 2022-06-08
Public Procurement Management Training for LGs officials conducted by Province Training Academy (PTA) Banke, Lumbini Province Event, PCGG- Lumbini Province 2022-06-08
Courtesy & Secretariat Management Training conducted by PCGG of Province 1 Event, PCGG-Province 1 2022-06-08
Cover page of LISA GUIDELINE 2077
Cover page of Annual Progress Report- Fiscal Year 77/78
Cover page for Capacity Needs Assessment for the Transition to Federalism
PLGSP Program Document