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Submitted by lumbini on 14 May 2024
Success Stories

In the tranquil border region of Yasodhara Rural Municipality, Kapilvastu District, where Nepal meets India, a significant change has taken place. This transformation, brought about by the Innovative Partnership Fund (IPF) project, has not only bridged the digital divide but also ignited a sense of hope and excitement among its citizens. The IPF project, funded jointly by Yasodhara Rural Municipality and the Lumbini Province Government, set out with a visionary goal: to establish eight digital service centers, one in each ward of the rural municipality.


"Discovering the world of online services - it's like a whole new world opening up right here!"

What makes this initiative truly unique is that these digital service centers are fully owned by local committees in each ward, each committee comprised of 15 dedicated members. These committees have appointed two volunteers for each digital service center, whose mission is to provide daily services to the citizens. With the internet already reaching all corners of the rural municipality, the concept of these digital service centers was introduced. These centers are equipped with a minimal setup: two desktop computers, a webcam, an IP camera, a printer, appropriate lighting, power backup and internet connectivity. They offer a wide range of digital services to the citizens and continuously explore new ways to extend their offerings.

Eight digital service centers, fully owned by local committees in each ward, now offer essential services, making life easier for residents.

Before the inception of these centers, the people of Yasodhara Rural Municipality had to travel to Taulihawa, the district headquarters, for even the most basic services. They were often unaware of digital platforms and online payment systems. To ensure the sustainability and day-to-day operation of these centers, a minimal service charge is levied for each service, making it affordable and considerably lower than what people had to pay in the past. In the short span of 8-10 months, these digital service centers have proven to be a resounding success. They have provided over 15 digital services approximately 2336 times, accumulating NPR 52,000 in revenue. Citizens can now access a wide range of services near their residences, including online forms for driving licenses, e-passports, COVID-19 vaccine cards, national identity cards, accident registration, electricity bill payments, PAN numbers, Public Service Commission exam forms, and much more.

With minimal setups and affordable service charges, these centers have provided over 15 digital services around 2336 times, generating revenue and saving time.

The success of the Yasodhara Rural Municipality's digital service centers has instilled a sense of optimism and innovation in the local government. The concept of these centers, in a region that had previously lagged behind, has energized the local stakeholders and ignited excitement among the citizens. They now have the tools to access essential digital services conveniently, saving both time and resources.

This success story is a testament to the power of innovative partnerships and forward-thinking initiatives. It demonstrates how, even in remote border regions, technology and community-driven efforts can transform lives and empower citizens. The Yasodhara Rural Municipality has taken a significant step forward in its journey towards a more inclusive and digitally connected future.